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ORPHÉAU jukebox,

the grooves of music.

The Orphéau Jukebox is the first Jukebox allowing the automatic and chained playback of your vinyl records in album or 33 rpm format. In a battery of movements, the gripper shoots gracefully into your stack of 20 vinyl records to load your selection onto the record player. From arm to diamond, you order 15 hours of analog music, uninterrupted, anywhere in your home.

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French manufacture

The Jukebox is entirely designed, machined and assembled in France, by French engineers and craftsmen. Composed of a mechanic, an electronics technician and a computer scientist, the production team manufactures all the Jukeboxes in our workshop, according to our own tested and proven plans at the adjacent design office, in small series of 3 to 5 machines.



All the clients of the Orphéau workshop have a unique project: the purchase of a design piece for an interior project. Based on this observation and its experience, Atelier Orphéau has recruited a team of technical, fittings and sound experts. Discovering your needs is an essential first step in offering you a Jukebox adapted to your ears and your eyes… Let's find out together.