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The Orphéau Jukebox allows for the first time the automated playback of 20 vinyl records in album format, also called 33 rpm format.

Taking personal digital listening on the wrong foot, the Orphéau Jukebox has been designed to share music with others, far from their headphones, through designer furniture with impeccable sound quality, on the king musical medium: vinyl.

For individuals and professionals, the Orphéau Jukebox is made up of a mechanical anodized aluminum automaton allowing the input by Side A or B of your 20 vinyls positioned in a stack - without ever damaging your records. Descending into the dedicated space on the left, the gripper allows you to read your albums in continuous mode (stacking direction), shuffle or simple playback (as on your record player, with the storage of your record at the end of reading).

The Jukebox Orphéau comes in 3 collections integrating all the same mechanics. All the furniture is made in France by carpenters and cabinetmakers specialized in exceptional furniture. The machine is integrated into the workshop in bare furniture. Each designed Jukebox is numbered and delivered with an NFT.

33 rpm vinyls and à la carte sound system

The Orphéau Jukebox is specially designed for the 33 rpm vinyl format, or album format. It can drive any 33 rpm vinyl of any era, with no major warping defects. The Jukebox Orphéau does not play 45 rpm vinyl. However, it is compatible in WIFI and Bluetooth with all formats and digital sources, as well as the latest multiroom technologies.

Orphéau offers turnkey sound solutions: from the fully integrated Jukebox (amplifier + subwoofer + invisible stereo speakers with vibrating panels) to more traditional solutions: storage of the amplifier in the cabinet and column or wall speakers in the outside.


Compatible with all brands, you can also keep your own equipment and use the Jukebox as storage.

Warranty, Delivery, Training included

Orphéau Jukeboxes are guaranteed for 2 years, renewable on request. We accompany you in the creation of your first vinyl playlist and take care of the delivery to your home, the installation and the training of you, your family or collaborators in the use of the Jukebox.