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The Orphéau Jukebox allows for the first time the automated playback of 20 vinyl records in album format, also called 33 rpm format.

Taking personal digital listening on the wrong foot, the Orphéau Jukebox has been designed to share music with others, far from their headphones, through designer furniture with impeccable sound quality, on the king musical medium: vinyl.

For individuals and professionals, the Orphéau Jukebox is made up of a mechanical anodized aluminum automaton allowing the input by Side A or B of your 20 vinyls positioned in a stack - without ever damaging your records. Descending into the dedicated space on the left, the gripper allows you to read your albums in continuous mode (stacking direction), shuffle or simple playback (as on your record player, with the storage of your record at the end of reading).

Go for 15 hours of analog music, without the hassle of changing sides or records every 20 minutes!

The mechanical plans, like the electronic spreadsheet hidden behind the Jukebox and allowing it to be started up, are all properties of Orphéau. All the drawings of the 80 aluminum parts, the electrical diagram, and the PLC software were developed by our teams of engineers in the Orphéau design office. These are the same teams who assemble, configure and start up in our adjoining workshops in Noyal-sur-Vilaine, on the outskirts of Rennes.  


The Orphéau Jukebox is compatible with all 33 rpm formats, from the 60s to today, regardless of the weight. With each Jukebox, Orphéau's music experts prepare your first 20-disc playlist! You can change the discs by positioning them on a small centering device, in the same way as on a record player, very simply.

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Music for design, Design for Music.

Wishing to bring a design piece to your interior, loaded with stories and personalized to your tastes, the Orphéau Jukebox is available in 3 furniture collections: Sunflower in Scandinavian and horizontal style, Mimosa in modern and vertical style and finally since September 2021 the Arche Collection , a tribute to the iconic Jukeboxes of the 1950s, designed by Alexane Berne.

Every year since 2016, we offer our trendy colors of lacquers and woods to warm up your interior. Of course, you are free to choose your own color code. All furniture is launched in production to order, with our carpenter specializing in luxury furniture and established in Morbihan. L'Arche, the wish of our manager Matthieu Defoly to bring a maximum of French know-how to our creations, can also benefit from a facade in pure cabinetry.


A French carpentry and mirrors with finishes made by Compagnons du Devoir. 

Starting from a block of oak or raw walnut, the companions of duty will come by hand to create the 6 solid blocks that will dress your Jukebox for an absolutely unique creation.  

The cabinet is then delivered naked to our workshops for integration of the mechanics and electronics, passage of the ducts, cables and lighting to then go through a final phase of adjustments and tests before delivery. In the end, nearly 80 hours of work carried out by our technicians to fully assemble your Jukebox.

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sound quality worthy of the best audiophile installations.

Historically reduced to a simple subwoofer, Orphéau wanted to provide its Jukeboxes with a sound quality worthy of the best audiophile installations ... while leaving the choice to its customers. We offer you an invisible solution without cables or visible diaphragms with multidirectional rendering (Amina) or a set of directional speakers (Yamaha, Devialet, Bang & Olufsen, Focal, Cabasse…). You can also keep your own equipment by integrating your amplifier into the cabinet (and even a music server or CD player). 

Jukebox of the 21st century, the Orphéau Jukebox evolves with the times, with full compatibility with digital formats (applications, radios), multiroom (several rooms with sound at the same time) and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. 

Orphéau Jukeboxes are guaranteed for 5 years (renewable), with a delivery period of 3 months upon signing the order form - excluding Jukeboxes in stock. Your referent salesperson accompanies your delivery and trains you and your household in the use of the Jukebox. 

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Jukebox du XXIème siècle, le Jukebox Orphéau évolue avec son temps, avec une complète compatibilité avec les formats numériques (applications, radios), le multiroom (plusieurs pièces sonorisées en même temps) et la connexion en Wifi et Bluetooth. 

Les Jukebox Orphéau sont garantis 5 ans (renouvelables), avec un délai de livraison de 3 mois à la signature du bon de commande – hors Jukebox en stock. Votre commercial référent accompagne votre livraison et vous forme ainsi que votre foyer à l’utilisation du Jukebox. 


Les Jukebox Orphéau débutent à 19.700 € TTC, pour recevoir la grille tarifaire complète et discuter de votre projet, merci d'en faire la demande sur la page contact ci-dessous.


With the 2021 edition of the Tournesol Series, Atelier Orphéau's industrial-style collection is refined: new combinations of colors and bases: base, solid wood and tilting glass top. Find our 2021 colors with the sublime starry blue.

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With the 2021 edition of the Mimosa Series, Atelier Orphéau's modern style collection is refined: new combinations of colors and bases: base, solid wood and tilting glass top. Find our 2021 colors with the timeless imperial yellow.

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With the Arche Series from the Orphéau Jukebox, Alexane Berne has designed a 2021 collection with natural and familiar lines: a dialogue between culture and music, a synthesis between geometric mastery and organic shapes for pieces made in noble materials and in an artisanal way.

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