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Records for a beautiful spring day

The musical team of Atelier Orphéau shares with you nine pieces of music dedicated to spring and the universal feeling of gratitude and rejuvenation - a timeless theme that we generally find in music from all cultures, years and musical genres.

Nate Morgan ‎– Mrafu

Great spiritual jazz records and a beautiful spring day go hand in hand. Pianist Nate Morgan's profound debut as a bandleader is one of the most compelling. Influenced by McCoy Tyner with dedications to Cecil Taylor and Coltrane, this is a record that runs the gamut of moods we like to experience on a spring day.

Georgia Anne Muldrow‎ – Best Love

Georgia Anne Muldrow is an underrated genius! So unique, bold and prolific. Usually, the singer produces her own records, but this one is produced by one Otis Jackson, Jr.

Collage - Collage

Collage's blend of jazz-soul-pop and slightly experimental folk is hard to describe, but it's really quite touching and sounds absolutely like a beautiful spring day. If you are a fan of 60's-70's jazz pop vocal groups like the Novi Singers from Poland, or jazz-soul singers like Judy Roberts, Karin Krog or Stereolab, you will love listening to this music.

Annette Brisette - Jumping up and Down

The springtime air is perfect for some of Lovers Rock's songs. This is a classic record with Wackie's signature sound from the early 80's, but the cut of choice is definitely "Jumping Up And Down".

Joy - The Time Is Right

Modern gospel soul gems are another favorite genre for The Spring Mixes in recent years, and this one might just be your favorite.

Those Guys - Love Love Love

Deep house records are moving. There are many classics, but the one that comes to mind is Basement Boys' revision of Jean-Luc Ponty's cosmic computer jazz anthem "Computer Incantations for World Peace". In the same musical genre, we recommend Soul Saver (aka Los Hermanos Detroit) "Another Day" or "This Is For You" by Theo Parrish.

Valérie Carter‎ - Da Doo Rendez-Vous

Springtime romanticism! You have to love the folk/soul/AOR vibe on a spring day too. This is the artist's second studio album. In her album "Wild Child" she is surrounded as it should be in the Californian rock at that time by a pleiad of top level musicians like Lenny Castro and Victor Feldman.

Lo Village - Out The Window

Certainly one of the highlights of the spring mix: Lo Village. They're an up-and-coming group from Maryland that mixes soul and conscious rap.

All these vinyls can be discovered on our Jukebox control application : read more.

Keep spinning !

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