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December 2017: Matthieu DEFOLY is looking to acquire a device that would be able to play 33 rpm vinyl records one after the other.

Nothing exists, anywhere in the world. With the idea of developing an application, Matthieu establishes a first specification for the engineering and creates the company ORPHÉAU on his own funds.

September 2019: Launch of the 1st collection (Sunflower) which is offered without hi-fi. Customers plug their own equipment into the Jukebox.

December 2019: Following the first direct sales to individuals, Orphéau moves to brand new offices and assembly workshop in Noyal-sur- Vilaine, near Rennes.

The core of the team is formed.

June 2020: Faced with the growing interest of the hospitality sector, launch of the study of an "all in one" Jukebox based on spatial sound and 360° speaker technologies.

September 2021: Presentation of the Arche model at Maison & Objet. Design: Alexane Berne. The luxury sector is interested in the product. In order to meet the requirements of this market, Orphéau forges new alliances, notably with the high-end furniture manufacturer Philippe HUREL, which has been awarded the E.P.V. (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label.

Jukebox Lyon Epoqu Auto.jpg
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The manufacturing of an Orpheau JUKEBOX requires 120 hours of assembly.

This assembly is carried out in the Orpheau workshops by an experienced team: Richard, an automation specialist and industrial mechanic with a 30-year career in the design of special machines, together with Eric, his long-time partner in charge of the electrical system, motorization, lighting and assembly of the half-thousand components of the electrical spreadsheet (in European or American version).

Automation, mechanical, electrical, missing the computer and connected aspect. Developed by Kevin as early as 2018, Disque Noir aims both to bring comfort to the user but also to offer playback features not otherwise possible (playlists, music genres, cover art display).

Kevin also took care of the network part, i.e. all the discussions between the application and the automaton, allowing the Jukebox to work properly.

Mécanique Jukebox Arche light.jpg

François and Vincent are the last reinforcements of the production team, whose function is comparable to that of the preparators for a surgeon. Both of them are mainly in charge of the pre-assembly phase and the final phase of integrating the mechanism into the furniture.

Matthieu DEFOLY acts as a conductor, reinforcing the specific needs of his teams while leading the necessary technical exchanges with the USI 3D machinist, the Maison Hurel joinery and the Centaure Design audio equipment manufacturers

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