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Vinyls radiate such a recognizable grain and warmth.

The depth of the bass and the richness of the treble make it a privileged medium for any music lover. Its selection ritual, its cover and its disc crisscrossed on two sides have conquered all generations.

Incredible marker of emotions and moments shared with family or friends, vinyl vinyl nevertheless has one flaw: its short duration.

It is to make this pleasure last that the Orphéau Jukebox exists. In a stylized mechanism, twenty discs are positioned in a stack on a centering device, in the same way as on a traditional record player, according to a numbering from 1 to 20. All that remains is to prepare your selection and then close the door. in glass and launch out for hours of unconstrained music. The discs are read per side, with a rotation on side B. They can be listened to individually, continuously or randomly.

a MODERN AND WARM jukebox.

Three furniture collections exist all with the same mechanical Jukebox system. Atelier Orphéau imagined these collections as unique and durable pieces. All furniture is made to order in a sustainable, unitary and eco-responsible manner.


The Jukebox is an integral part of the life of a home, and must therefore pay particular attention to its integration into its environment, both sound and visual.

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The integrated Yamaha amplifier allows you to listen to and alternate your vinyls but also your radios and all musical applications in Wifi and Bluetooth.

Compatible with the latest multiroom technologies, you can create differentiated listening areas in your home, with multidirectional and invisible or directional and column sound solutions. This audio choice, you define it during the customer discovery, with one of our experts.

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Disquenoir controls your Orphéau Jukebox. The application works anywhere in your home via Wifi. Available on phone

& iOS tablet

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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